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What is a Google Business Profile (GBP)?

Your Google Business Profile is the information which Google has about your business, your opening hours and your patient reviews. Optimizing this information can generate significantly more search traffic from the Google Map Pack results.

What is included with an optimization service?

When you book a GBP optimization service, we’ll take a look at what “low hanging fruit” you currently aren’t taking advantage of within your listing. For example, choosing the right GBP categories, having the a conversion optimized description and having default photos that present your business in the best possible way.

Do I need to give you any access?

Yes. After we take a look at your site and advise on what actions we can take to optimize your GBP listing, we’ll arrange for you to provide access to your Google account via a dedicated link.

Why is it free?

Google Business Profile optimization is always one of the first steps we take when on-boarding a new client. So after we optimize your GBP we hope that you’ll be encouraged to continue the relationship with other aspects of your online strategy.

But if not, no worries! And no obligation.

What happens next?

After you submit this form, on the next page you’ll have an opportunity to book a date and time for a quick Zoom call. We need to have an informal chat to understand a little more about your optometry practice and your goals, in order to optimize the GBP.

Then, if you are happy with the outcome of that meeting, we can send you a link to provide direct access to your Google Business Profile, and we’ll get to work right away!

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